Cute then sexy?

So I usually get called/told I'm cute by everyone I know but I was at the bar the other week and I was dancing with this guy and he kept saying I was sexy. I know both are a good thing but I was just a little thrown off because I'm so used to being called cute. So can you be cute and sexy at the same time and what's the difference between the two?


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  • There really isn't much of a difference between the two besides the context. "Cute" is an extremely clean way of saying you're emotionally affected by someone's beauty, while "sexy" is obviously the more sexual way

    They mean the same thing as far as how they apply to someone, that you carry a lot of beauty with you. But if someone says "cute" it means they aren't necessarily aroused by your beauty and if someone says "sexy" then you probably are.

    And obviously there's contexts to that as well, such as someone making an evaluation of your appearance vs. someone declaring how they feel about your looks and their intentions related to them.

    And sometimes being cute is what makes someone sexy. The word cute essentially embodies a sort of adoration of someone's youthful beauty. If someone is very cute and you get along with that person, that adoration sort of turns into that thing that makes us dudes' hearts go "mmmm want woman" or whatever happens "down there" that I don't really understand (think Rihanna before she got the punk edge or Miranda Kerr).

    So you can be both, just take them in stride, which is basically knowing when someone's just complementing you and knowing when to say to yourself that it's on and you are gonna get yours


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