A guy with hair can Never be as good as naturally less hairy guy?

A guy who is naturally very hairy guy, who grows thick coarse dense long hairs in most of his body like a rug carpet is always at loss in terms of looks feel and sex n aesthetic ic appeal.

If he lets it be all natural as it is he looks like a fur laden beast, obviously gross dirty to look , sweats more , smells more and looks dirty.

If he trims or shaves it off , it surely looks better cleaner less hairy and skin gets visible as is on normal people but it gets stubbly prickly itchy and seems he is having beard stubble all over his body. It is very very bad and hurts to touch.

A naturally very hairy guy should totally shun women relationships sex and every fun and try and turn lifelong virgin. Agree?


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  • Disagree. Now, hair is a sign of virility, and yes, we're in the modern age when basically everyone shaves everything and all is smooth and angelical. And I can totally see the appeal of that! However, if you have hair on you, you will look so much more manly! And personally I prefer a manly man than a shaved off little boy...
    It's all about preferences and acceptance of the other's body.

    • A carpet of wall to wall rug on torso and 2 inches long hairs growing on upper arms and shoulders is manl? ;)

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    • Exactly!!! :D

    • Thanks for MHO, lovely! :)

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  • You could get lazer hair removal.


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  • Keep your hair as is.

    • What about the way it looks? Curly coarse hair like carpet :/

  • I think a naturally hairy man is more attractive. Like you said, stubbles hurt which is very unpleasant. I do shave myself, but it gets irritated easily and it takes a lot of time. The idea that a man has to go through that struggle to get all the hair off his body, I can't cope. And about sweat: just take a shower or clean yourself with some water and a towel.

    • Can you clean a very hairy man with some wter and towel? I doubt it though.
      How about hairy baccks, shoulders and upper arms?

    • I already told you my opinion. I stick with that.

  • noooo.. stupid idea

    • It's the BEST thing he could do , no pains ever to any girl.

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