Guys, do any of you Hate getting dressed up?

I can't stand dress clothing!

First off, my measurements make it very hard to find proper fitting dress shirts and pants along with suits, I always have to get custom fit or have it tailored which is more money than buying something from the store. I have long legs and a short torso, tucking a shirt in looks like my pants are always too high but it's an illusion, however I hate how I look dressed like that. I hate ties feeling like I'm being choked, and dress shoes just plain hurt my feet!
Girls like when guys get dressed up if you go out on a date, but what do you do if your uncomfortable wearing dress clothes often? Not to mention all the extra money it takes for me to buy them.

Is is there a way to be dressed up without tucking a shirt in and wearing a tie and dress pants/shoes?


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  • Ok, dude, srsly. When it comes to a suit AND TIE, realistically speaking, you are probably in one of two situations.

    #1, you have to wear something like that for work.
    In that case, whatever, just wear it. No one really cares any more than you do. Just pay attention to what the movers and shakers in yr industry are wearing, mimic them, go to a good tailor, and don't look sloppy. End of.

    #2, you don't have to wear that for work.

    In case of #2, then, srsly, what the hell?
    This is the year A. D. 2016!
    Unless yr rocking some sort of suit-and-tie look that totally works FOR YOU -- e. g., how some skinny boys totally rock the Korean-slim-fit suit with skinny tie -- there is honestly NO reason for you to wear a suit with a tie, EVER, unless you are in a courtroom as the defendant. LOL

    Unless yr hoping for a lighter sentence... no reason to wear a suit and tie.

    Especially for a date! Dude, I don't know where yr taking these girls, but, it's probably not anywhere they'd want to go on a first (or second or third or tenth) date.
    I mean, if you've been married for 10 years and yr taking her to a black-and-white ball, that's a different animal. But... yeah, no. Wherever yr going, you are probably severely overdressed.


    In any case:

    If you are uncomfortable in a suit, then, that will show outwardly.

    Try to mix it up.

    Ever play those racing games from the 80's and 90's, where you fill up the bars for speed, handling, acceleration, etc., each one partially? And you have to balance them all out?
    Try to do that, with "formal" and "casual/comfortable/cool".

    Like, if yr gna wear a suit, try wearing it with a T-shirt underneath, instead of a dress shirt. And sneakers.

    Of course, this should be a NICE t-shirt, and NICE sneakers (not grampa-style all-white New Balance running shoes... or running shoes in general, for that matter). But, yeah.

    Or, you could mix it up the other way, and wear a button-down shirt and dress shoes, but with a nicely worn-in pair of jeans and an old well-loved leather jacket.


    If dress shoes feel like crap, then, you probably need more support in the soles. You may want to try Superfeet insoles.
    If you have flat feet, get the black ones. If the problem is something else, try the different colors and just send back the ones that don't help.


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  • Button up shirt ugh god, who invented dress clothes lol, ties? Rather wear a clip on.

    I do t know how some people feel accomplished because they bought a suit or wear one, what kind of passion is there in dressing well? Like OK you watch sports and go go golfing because your suit buddies golf, and thats pretty well every guy in a suit. OK I know that is very bad perception, but its like eating a donut filled with air.


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  • I can relate to your probs. I am 2 times smaller up top than below so all my pants waits need to be tailored and I always have to buy a smaller top and a larger bottom. Of course, we girls do our best to look good especially on dates and we expect that of our guys. However, it isn't always a requirement. Take for e. g. If we are going to the park then a simple Tee and jeans would do or just shopping. I only expect a suit and tie when and if we go dinner. If my boyfriend had problems such as yours , I would be ready to assist him with his clothing , I am always assisting other anyways XD

  • I feel you!
    My measurements aren't average, so going to buy a dress is a nightmare. I need about an M-L to my chest and XS-S to my waist, it's insane. @.@
    If I find a long sleeved dress that fits both my chest and waist (1 in 10000000000000000000000), then I don't even care if the sleeve isn't long enough for my arm.
    Having long legs and arms can sometimes suck.
    And shoes, the wonderful shoes... My feet are sensitive as hell and small af. Try to find an EU 35 heel that isn't some sort of stripper heel and doesn't hurt my feet. I tell you, you can't.

    • A woman in nice jeans and a shirt is fine by me. If you need to wear a dress for one day I guess it's not so bad, but I know how you feel wearing something uncomfortable often is a pain!

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    • @redeyemindtricks
      That sounds like life! 😱
      But that would be too expensive. .-.

    • Yeah. Just give it a few years. (:

  • A man after my own heart. I honestly hate the look of a dressed up man. I just want to untie that ridiculous tie and put him on some jeans and boots lol


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  • I don't like it.

  • How can't you like getting dressed up? A fine suit is truly a game changer. It is the one way that an average 6/10 joe like myself can be an 8 at least for the day. I love getting dressed up as it boosts my confidence so much and makes me truly feel sexy. Though unfortunately I don't get many opportunities to apart from Church and jury duty.

  • Yeah I quite hate it I only dress up if necessary

  • No, Love it and don't do it often enough cept work

  • Depends