What do guys do at sleep overs?!!

I've pondered this question for the PAST WEEK!

When I ask my guy pals, they say they just "hang"???




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  • Well, lets see, lol, this is a funny question, lol. Things and times are a little bit different now than the it was ten/fifteen years ago when I was little.

    When I was little we used to try and sleepover the house who's friend was going to have the least supervision, like 7-13, a sleepover meant that we (my friends and my brother) were going to cause mischief because we were little bastards, lol. But we were kids, just wild kids. In the summer it was pool hopping, lol, (we would go swimming in the rich peoples' pools, in the neighborhoods, when it was really late at night in the summer. The rich people were also sleeping). In the fall, around Halloween, we would go pumpkin smashing. Near Christmas, we would put ornaments from one yard into the neighbors, or in the street. In the spring, we would do things like play manhunt/kick the can/ those kind of hide and seek games where you use a large area to play like a few blocks or a certain neighborhood. We were creative little bastards who loved the adrenaline rush you get from testing the limits as kids seeing what we could get away with. And my older brother wasn't the best influence. I had to learn to learn from his mistakes and not copy them. Took a while, lol, but I got it.

    Then I started hanging out with my uncle, sleeping over his house on the weekends. I Stayed out of trouble.

    Then my group of friends completely changed. Started to do different things. From the time I was 15-19, well that was like the experimental years. Shit you're suppose to do when your in college. I played a lot of video games, the internet was spreading to every house. Got my license. Got a car a little later. People started having house parties when their parents went away. I hung out with an older crowd so people were able to get things like alcohol, whatever. It wasn't like a sleepover it was like a weekend party most of the time. Again, testing a different kind of limits, but also there were a few different crowds of people that I was actually hanging out with and they all mixed so there were some crazy nights and then some not so crazy. But there was a lot to learn from.

    And after that I really changed crowds again and narrowed down my friends to the people that mattered and people who were just acquaintances. I tried doing the same thing with my time, trying not to spend a lot of time, just wasting time. So now if a friend sleeps over, it just because he's too drunk to drive and I don't feel like driving them home and dropping off their car later.

    Unless you're little, lol, sleepovers are usually over-rated.


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  • I can't speak for all men, but generally different things happen when different amounts of guys are staying at the same location... for whatever reason.

    If it's just me and a friend, "hanging" amounts to eating, drinking, video games and maybe a movie. A man movie: people die, things explode, chicks get naked.

    The more guys there are, the more manly it gets. Bets are taken, people are humiliated, there may be complaints from the neighbors.

    Whatever it is we do, there is one certainty. Above all else, DO NOT FALL ASLEEP / PASS OUT FIRST. This single event has been the cause of more youtube prank videos than anything else.

  • For the most part, they play cards, watch man-movies if not porn, play video games and drink till they go down. That's "hangin". Nothing in the form of hiring escorts or going to the strip clubs or rarely. IF they were just hanging out to watch a sports event, they would tell you.

  • Oh the usual. You know, talking about our feelings, creating the ultimate babe, joking about our sexual adventures, experimenting with each others, turning on a porno and circle jerking, testing our sexuality. No I'm just kidding.

    Honestly, I haven't had a sleepover since I was in middle school. I've crashed at my friends place and I've slept at a friends place. Normally we are hanging out, be it playing games, watching a movie, poker night, and/or drinking. If I am too intoxicated to make it back to my place I crash. If I am planning on staying over someone's place for the night ahead of time, we'd do the same things as mentioned. So in essence, we are hanging out. Its pretty much the same thing we do during the day except its followed by falling asleep.

    If its a night out...thats a different story.

  • It depends on the guys. Every guy's idea of hanging is different.

  • Well depends on how old they are, and the guys. I would say that for 90% of the time, guys play video games.

  • All I know is that I always wake up with a splitting headache/ hangover and I'm naked out on the front lawn with the sprinklers turned on. I was once video-taped and when I saw it I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It showed me streaking throughout the Downtown area in the city I live in and me being chased by the cops. It also showed me binge drinking, sucking a guy's cock with honey on it, making out with the sofa arm rest, dunking my head in a fish tank filled with algae, digging through the trash eating a half eaten slice of pizza that had some brown stuff that looked like vomit, me wondering around someone else's neighborhood trying to look for my house and last but not least me coming on to a fat guy doing a Britney Spears impersonation.

    To sum all this up, I would rather just say that I "hang".


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  • I wasn't aware that guys had sleep overs!!! Do you mean a guy spending the night at a friends or a bunch of guys having a sleep over?

    I am guessing they watch porn; playstation; x-box; sports......talk about sports.....drink beer, eat pizza and burp and fart a lot! I hardly think they talk about their girlfriends......hardly....!

    I am the only girl of 5 brothers and I never really heard them talk about their girlfriends....maybe a sexual comment or a dirty joke that they all thought was hysterical but truthfully if guys talk about their girls it is usually one on one or they talk to another woman.

    Why are you so curious?

    • Yah well both I guess!

      I dunno, I guess its just something I never gave much thought, and then I thought about it, and it got me thinking "What DO guys do at sleepovers?

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