How long should the bottom of our shirt fall below our navel at least?

I am a short man 167cm / 5'6", I want to give longer legs impression that's why I need my shirt short. How long should the shirt fall below my navel that's still acceptable?

The normal low rise pants are 5-8cm below the navel. So I'm thinking that 10 cm below the navel might be perfect.


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  • you just need it to be fitted


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  • Long enough to overlap your pants a little bit

    • There are also low rise pants and normal rise pants,

    • Should still cover your jeans either way

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  • You are way over thinking this. Put on your pants. Put on a shirt. Look in the mirror. Does the shirt look too short or too long? If yes, take off the shirt. If no, keep the shirt.

    • Different mirrors can display different results and it's not always accurate as the reality.

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    • NO, fuck.

    • Well that's a totally normal and appropriate response -_-

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