What hairstyle looks very good on men?

I know that some face shapes are better suited for other kind of hair styles and blah blah blah, but I just want to know on general or whatever, what hair style looks really nice on men? Please post picture also

I ask this because there's this particular hair style that I think looks great on women. This one: What hairstyle looks very good on men?
I never see women with this hair style anywhere when I'm out, but I think it looks great lol


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  • s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/.../...26a3a15802.jpg

    What I love on guys is just long hair in general... =)

  • i love messy, curly or long hair
    something like this looks so good haha

  • You mean ombre with curls? I usually see straight hair with ombre, but the one you posted is not that rare anyway.

    • Not the color per se although the color makes it nice, but the hairstyle.

      I like how it's asymetrical? Like how there's more hair on one side than the other. It looks very nice. I don't see girls with this kind of hair where I'm from.

    • I really like it as well and Jessica Alba rocks it!

    • Yea it's nice. I'd recommend girls to style their hair like this lol.

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