Would you say the type of tattoo someone gets says a lot about them?

so this girl I know got a tattoo recently , although she would of been about the last girl I would of predicted to get one but she seems to be going through a tattoo and piercing phase as she got her belly button pierced too recently which also suits her as she is in great shape and works out .

but the tattoo she got on her foot I think is really classy actually and looks great on her , it says " live satisfied " in italic letters and yeah I think its a really classy tattoo for a girl to get , so I think it really says she is a quality girl with good tastes to get such a tattoo . but I admit I'm still really surprised that she got one in the first place but it does really suit her .


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  • Not necessarily. For the most part, I've found most of my friends got their tattoos on a spur of the moment kind of thing.

    • I don't know if she planned to get this tattoo for a while or not , I'm really not sure as if was a surprise to me . but I suspect the design must of been planned to get such words on her foot , that part sounds planned to me but who knows

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  • well I like tattoos. I'm getting one on my foot that says "living & loving" tattoos on women make me very happy and they really do show who you are and everything


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  • Tattoos are supposed to say something about you. That's the point of getting a tattoo.

  • It could, but it could be a false indicator of anything. For example, I am planning on getting a swastika and pentagram tattoo. I'm not a Nazi, nor am I a Satanist. It's best to not base your assumptions of people on their tats.

    • Just curious, but why get a swastika, if you're supposedly not a Nazi? I mean I know it used to stand for good luck, but people DON'T perceive it as that anymore, not to mention there are plenty of other good luck symbols. Is it just to shock people?

    • It's just because I like the symbol. I think it looks cool.