If a random girl finds you even remotely attractive, will she look at you?

Or do they ignore you and act like you aren't there? I've heard both ways.


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  • All girls respond differently. Some won't stop looking, some will glance over sometimes, and others won't look at all while hoping that he's looking at her. The last one is more rare though. Most of the time girls can't stop looking haha, but that doesn't mean they do it obviously. Many do it slyly by looking at the guy really quick and continuing to scan the room like they were looking for someone. Hahah (:

    • Thanks for the answer. I never notice random girls looking at me, which makes me feel awful and just destroys my self-esteem. I mean, they don't' even turn in my direction as so much as a curious look. So I figure, either I am *** ugly where girls don't even want to look in my direction, or they are doing it when I'm not looking. What do you think?

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    • I'm shy myself, so I try to avoid eye contact with most people anyway. But when I do look they don't even notice me, which is like a kick in the balls and saying I"m an ugly ******. But thanks for the answer!

    • Dude, first thing, You seem so insecure, get over it!!!
      Go talk to the girl, you'll know if she likes you or not. Sometimes I totally thought the girl was not interested at me at all, but I ended up good with her, sometimes the exact opposite happened.
      I totally as a guy, I won't look at the girl, unless she was weird or I thought she was hot, sometimes I only look out of curiosity. Who knows? I look at people a lot.

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  • If I see a guy that is remotely attractive, regardless of if we've met or if it's some random guy I see walking past me on the street, or sitting at a table near me at a restaurant, I notice. I don't flirt per say. But, I will pass looks at them. Not stare, that's rude, but I will not completely ignore a person that I am remotely interested in. But, that is just me, that doesn't speak for all girls, everyone's completely different. Hope I helped!


    LOVE, Lexxa Leigh!


  • Like Cheerclover said. When I notic a guy, I don't blantantly stare at him. I'll watching him out of the corner of my eye. Or pretend I was looking at a sign/clock/name of a building that was in his general direction. I don't think you should feel put off. Most girls I know don't blatantly stare at guys they find attractive. That's just creepy. I don't know, If you do catch a girl looking at you...smile at her.

    • I just feel so ugly all the time. I look in the mirror, think I look good. Go outside and no one notices me (that I can tell). Then I look in a different mirror in a different place and look ugly. I just don't know what to believe.

    • This is to the question askers response: Woah! I thought I was the only one that felt like that. Honestly, I do the exact same thing. I look in the mirror in my room and think I look great. Go out and about and find another mirror and I look horrible (to me). I don't know what's with that.

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  • its tough as random girls will rarely act on such feelings even if they find you attractive its very unlikely they will do anything about it to be perfectly honest , as girls just don't make the first move like ever . you have to go over there and talk to her if you think she is interested