Do you like it when girls wear make up?

Just a curious question, answers don't matter, what matters is what's on the inside of each person. Makeup shouldn't define us.

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  • Absolutely not. I have received plenty of hate on this site for expressing how I think makeup is completely unnecessary and that I don't like it. To put it simple, to ask me to appreciate makeup is like asking me to appreciate time and effort wasted.

    I can't wait for the day women stop using it.

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    • @jadexo I know that any attemt at altering is glaringly obvious. That doesn't change the fact that it's still altering and that it's still deceptive. The same goes for the no makeup makeup - it presents a false image - which is deceptive.

    • Thanks dudette.

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  • Looks like women care more about makeup than men do. So I better not here any of us this "you MAKE us dress up like this!" stuff anymore!

    But yeah, it depends on the girl, the occasion, and the makeup. I'm partial to the black eyeliner/eyeshadow. It's not because I think they NEED it, I just love the way it looks. If I were a girl, I would probably wear makeup half the time, and the other half not.

  • Nope, I prefer natural beauty, all the time. A little makeup - maybe, but only natural looking, like face powder and concealer.

  • The fashion and beauty product industry brainwashes people through advertising resulting in achievable beauty standards that women spend time and money trying live up to. Eating healthy and using natural ways to take care of yourself is a much better option. However, if you already know all of that but still like to wear make up and desire to do so for whatever reason, I don't care.

  • Yes I do

  • A mix of B and C for me

  • No thanks, I dislike makeup.

  • A girl with little make up is always fine.

  • you are too human for society you won't have a good time out there... .


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