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so my prom is in may and I've just recently gotten my dress which is low cut. The only problem with this is that I've had pretty bad acne in the past and it's left some fresh scars in between my boobs. Does anyone recommend something that could help make them less visible?


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  • I worked as a makeup artist for Benefit for awhile.. Its hard to conceal but not impossible- that area tends to be lighter tone so buy a concealer to match. I recommend exfoliating the area daily and applying aloe vera or vitamin E to diminish the appearance. You have a good amount of time before then. If you have makeup application questions just ask any of the artists, and they can give you a free demonstration.

    • I would definitely listen to this answerer. She said everything that I was hoping to say. In addition, if you worry about it and make a deal about it, other people will, too. Just be confident and do your best to conceal your scars. It's prom night afterall - everyone is beautiful in some way.

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  • how about go in sephora and ask one of those make up artist to give you tips on how to make them less visible..