Why do girls rate guys so harshly?

Let's face it, girls are far more finicky about a guy's looks. If a guy isn't an 8/10 or up, he better have 1)money 2)good personality 3)Lots of attractive women hanging out around him.

Otherwise forget it, a decent girl will not even look at you...

What is flippin wrong with you females? Or is it just an American thing?


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  • I think you're generalizing a little too much- women are a pretty diverse group.

    I personally don't really care how much money you make as long as you can pay your bills and are responsible with what money you have because I'm able to support myself. I'm not looking for a guy to support me- and I never expect a guy to pay for me, if he offers I'll let him sometimes, but not always and I like to treat a guy I'm dating sometimes too. There are lots of girls who want a guy with money, but just as many of us who couldn't care less. I think it's a misperception guys have that's all too common- they think all women want money when it's just not the case.

    Now, I'm not going to say I don't want a good personality because obviously I do, that's probably the most important thing. But it's a pretty broad term and what some girls like others won't, so chances are unless you're a complete jerk you'll be able to find a girl who thinks your personality is great.

    And as for attractive girls hanging out around a guy- to me that's not really attractive because it says player or party boy not ready to settle into a relationship right now. I think that goes for a lot of "decent" girls looking for a relationship, perhaps not ones looking for a one-night-stand but that's a different story. Plus, I don't want a guy with an entourage- I'll never get to know him or get his full attention while he's holding court with ten other women. There's nothing wrong with those kinds of guys, but if I see them, they have to work twice as hard to convince me they're sincere as the ones who are just chilling with their buddies watching the game or playing pool.

    That's me anyway, and it describes a lot of other girls I know. Maybe try going for a different type of girl?


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  • Guys who are extremely good looking tend to be able to avoid the whole, well what's his personality like? Phase because they're so good looking. They're fun to show off to friends and family, blah blah blah.

    If you're average, like most guys are, then you need to be able to prove yourself. Some girls want money, some want personality.

    Me personally? I don't give two sh*ts about how you look so long as we have a connection and you're a good guy. Generally guys look/dress the way they act. If they're good looking, exceedingly so, then they're cocky as sh*t, and better than thou. Fuck them, I'm not going near them. If they're good looking/average, but their personality is great. And we really connect? That's perfect. Hell, the better your personality the more attractive you are. Once I get to know guys who are nice and sweet and all that they actually start to look more physically attractive to me as well.

    And don't you dare say that it's any different than what women have to go through. Unless a guy is butt ass ugly and will settle for whatever he can get we've got to work just as hard as you guys. And most girls are trying to attract the male. Unlike most species it's up to the female to flaunt around and attract a mate. If you don't have the funds to have a great hair cut and designer shoes and clothes and make up and all this bull sh*t you'd better have one hell of a personality to make up for it.

    I used to be overweight, not hugely so, but still you could tell. Guys didn't look at me, didn't really talk to me, anything like that. I went to college, first semester I lost 20 pounds, went back home for vacation, everyone started talking to me, I was asked to go to parties. All this crap that, because I wasn't perfect before, didn't apply to me.

    Dating is hard for everyone, on every side, regardless of looks or anything. That's the way it is. If you don't like it, find a way to get an arranged marriage.

    • Well, firstly its not an American thing, it's a worldwide thing as far as I know of it, Sometimes I wonder, what's the world coming to, is it all about money, power, respect? Who is actually lloking for a person's soul and heart, is it dead and gone?

      Girls as well as guys, I have seen or relationships as a whole, they just happen for a mutual benefit or for something return, what's it coming to? Don't we for one moment stop and think, that we should worry what will be left at the end?

    • I do agree with you that this situation works both ways. Girls have to put effort into their appearance too.

      I don't agree that women "have to flaunt and attract a mate". Women can go out and ask guys on dates too. As for designer clothes and what not, that screams "I'm expensive" more than "I'm sexy". Personally, I think designer clothes are a way of saying "I'm willing to spend more money to fit in". It's one thing if designer clothes are higher quality, but they usually aren't.

    • I just mean looking good, and in general always being perfectly dressed and fit and blah blah blah.

      Not that guys don't, but it's just a lot more work for girls, no offense. Finding the perfect shirt that compliments you just this way and these jeans that make your butt look great etc...

      Luckily I ever got into all that crap and still turned out just fine, but it's just as hard for us to attract guys.

  • i think you are generalizing too much as well, but I'm not going to get into it cause I've only given myself a 5min break from studying here.

    but I would say because often guys are just looking to score so almost any girl will do for that, while when a girl just wants to hook up, the guy better be hot.

    dating-wise everyone envisions their future partner will be at least decent-looking so when we first meet people we are hoping for physical attraction; guys and girls alike. you have to know the person already for personality to win over looks. plus in general, girls look more to date than to hook up as opposed to guys so they are more interested in looks because it's not a one-time deal when you're horny.

    and I don't care for the guy having money, and I would be annoyed if he had attractive women flocking around him all the time. you mentioned good personality. uuuh, if you don't have a good personality, why would ANYone want to date you whether you're male or female? that should not be on the list. personality is SUPPOSED to win over looks. so if your personality sucks, that's your own fault, not genetics.

    my ex was not an attractive guy, but he had great personality. he certainly did not have lots of money or females circling him.

    guys can rate girls harshly too, I've heard some things guys have said about girls when talking to each other.

    5min break over. damn it.

    • Also, you're already being finicky too. saying a "decent girl" do you mean decent-looking? you're already excluding a lot of girls from your list, whom you are not giving a chance either.

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