What article of clothing makes you look/feel at your best?

For example: Jeans, Skirts, Shoes, Tops, Scarves, Belts, Bras, Panties, Lingerie,

1.) What do you like/love about it so much?
2.) How many hours would you spend shopping for it?
3.) Does it make you feel (sexy/pretty/feminine/smart)? Pick one, or one of your choosing.


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  • Little Black Dresses!!

    1) They make me feel amazing
    2) You just know when you find "the dress"-coins take minutes, hours, or days.
    3) A good LBD makes me feel all of those and more!

    • What are some features of a little black dress that you look for the most? can you provide pics from store websites?

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    • You're welcome. I wouldn't wear something with that short a hemline, for sure!

    • Let's say you are in a situation where your S. O. asked you to wear that short of a dress. And somehow he talked you into it. (Maybe it was a bet) What would you wear or what would you do to mitigate any embarrassing moments in that dress?

Most Helpful Guy

  • Jeans that fit make me look my best, hoodies seem to look good on me as well as plaid shirts. I've been told I look smart. These are comfortable when it's cool, when it's warm a t shirt and basketball shorts.

    Sexy, hmm a belt so a girl has to take it off me 😉


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  • Normally I prefer to go for a casual look and just wear jeans and a top or jumper, pair of trainers or boots. Or a nice tunic with leggings.
    Because it's what I feel comfortable in and looks good too.
    As for bra's I choose t-shirt bra's every time, they give me the best support and don't make my boobs look bigger or smaller than they are.
    If I'm going out for any special occasions, I'll wear a nice classy dress and pair of high heels. I like really vibrant colours and various styles of dresses but you can't go wrong with a LBD either. I don't like them arse skimming short. My arse would be hanging out like two duck eggs in a hankie. Rofl 😂

  • I think dresses make me feel and look my best, because there are so many kinds to choose from and each one differs depending on your style, and you can dress them up or down depending on the occasion.

    My favorite types of dresses are sundresses because they are made with such light material and it feels so nice on your skin. Another thing I like about them is that they can either be really casual or semi-formal, depending on the accessories you add to it.

    Honestly, I feel like I would spend a ton of hours trying to find nice styles, but I guess you just have to know where to look :)

    Dresses make me feel both pretty and feminine naturally, but like I said, the thing that's so amazing about them is that they are so versatile. You can wear one to the office or business meeting, or even just for lounging around at the beach.

  • any tight top.
    high heels.
    tight knee length skirts.

    they show off my assets.

    i don't spend that long, just depends on whether or not i find it.

  • Belts

    1) I like the feeling of a belt hugging my waist, and they look great!
    2) I have ton of them already. But I would could spend hours looking and trying different ones on.
    3) Makes me feel powerful and secure

  • Any low cut fitted top or dress.
    High heels.
    Work out clothes.
    They're flattering on me. Shows off the parts of my body I love.

    I don't know how long I spend shopping.

    Makes me feel sexy.

  • Joggers, and sweatshirts for me... I'm more sporty, and wayyy more comfy in that. .. :)

  • i dunno lately I been feel fat and ugly!

  • Panties and matching bras , skirts make the woman

    • Do the panties come before the bra? Or do you buy the bra and match the panties.

      In your opinion, why do skirts make the woman? What are your favorite types of skirts?

    • Panties first for me
      Skirt is a woman thing I like all of them no particular type

  • Skinny jeans
    Tank top and flannel
    Converse or combat boots
    I do like to wear a belt sometimes

    1. Cuz looks cool
    2. Doesn't usually take very long to find those items, but I'd shop for a long time
    3. Just makes me feel like myself, that's it

  • Comfy pajama pants, t shirt, my bed.
    1) they're comfy and almost always indicate that Im about to go to sleep which is a fantastic feeling.
    2) 5 min. Doesn't take that long.
    3) makes me feel comfy.

  • A baggy tee shirt to sleep in
    1) comfy
    2) I don't know, I dont shop for them because i have like 20 in my closet
    3) It makes me feel comfortable and relaxed.


What Guys Said 2

  • I think I look best in a tank top, with a backpack on. It makes me feel secure, tight, and I just feel more confident.

  • No clothes!!