Help with my earring?

So one of my earrings I wasn't able to get back in. Basically it's a hoop with a capture ball, I have four of these things, two in each ear. In each ear it's one small hoop and one big one and I got them done about a month and a half ago. I decided to take them out for an hour one day after they healed but one of them I full on couldn't get the capture ball back on, so I've had to leave it out and the hole has closed up, I'm planning to have it redone soon. But has anyone else had this problem? I thought maybe it was just a bad bit of jewelry considering all the others were completely fine. I tried looking up ways to properly reattach the ball but none of them worked. Any advice? Cheers and hail satan.


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  • Dip the back of the earring in Vaseline and try again :)

  • I wasn't gonna answer at first but the hail satan bit caught my attention for some reason.
    Yes I've had that happen.
    Maybe you rubbed the inside of the ball raw so it can't attach to the grooves.

    • it's not that it won't stay attached, more like it straight up won't actually fit, like it feels like the ring is too small to actually get the ball in far enough to catch itself on the dimples. Even trying one groove at a time didn't work

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