Trouble with jeans not fitting right and sliding down?

I have had this problem for so long. I buy jeans that are my size and get measured, but they never fit right, they are either too loose or too tight. I buy them slightly loose and wear a belt, sometimes it works, and sometimes that creates a bulge in the crotch area and looks horrible, I never know and it's difficult buying jeans.
I've got an hourglass shape, my hips are wider than my waist, so all my jeans slide down low rise because my waist is smaller.
My body is so disproportionate, that while shopping the store worker who measured me told me that women's jeans are going to fit me better due to my odd body measurements, and sadly she was right! They stayed put because they were meant to sit at the hips and weren't too tight or loose for the most part, I didn't need a belt but for men's jeans I usually do?
What gives? 😛

Do the girls have this same issue since apparently my pants fit like many of there's so I sympathize, it's so hard finding the right fit!

Who else can relate?


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  • Yes but be happy you can find jeans in women sizes that fit your hips.

    • They are everywhere! Even the length is easier as I'm very tall and most women aren't so those lengths are always available.

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    • What store do you buy yours? eBay really sells all sizes if you need to find special Jean sizes.

    • I can't buy jeans online I have to try them on.

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  • You should ask in the jeans store is there any jeans in a women's cut that look unisex or like a general type of jeans so you can have a pair that fits but you don't need to be self conscious about the jeans.

    • That's exactly what I've been doing and they were happy to help me and even tell me what they thought looks good.

    • Thanks for MHG

    • Your welcome! Thank you for not judging!

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  • Preach. Finding jeans can be difficult, but it's good you found a way that works for you!


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  • Man I feel sorry for you. But whatever u do don't wear women's jeans. I guess u should wear Bermuda's or trousers choose what fits for you lighter lower clothing wear boxers adds more thickness that's it.. Don't choose what everybody wears

    • You can find womens jeans that look like mens jeans

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    • Oh okay well yeah sure you should wear them just get Levi's and whatever u have which don't have girly names then u ready to rock

    • That's what I've been trying to say all along!

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