Can boys wear ballet flats Just the plain black sort?

Could do with a bit more feedback please


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  • boys can wear whatever they want

    • I'm just asking because iv seen a plain black pair and wanted people's opinions because I don't think it's common for boys to wear them

    • It isn't common but if you want to then do it

    • Ok thank you for your reply

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  • You mean no show socks? Everyone at my school including myself wear them with shoes so you still have socks but don't see them. I wear them nearly every day, I don't see any problems with it.

    • Also, you won't think they're common as you don't see them. I wouldn't wear them with sandals or anything, that would be weird. Its completely normal to wear them as a guy though, don't worry.

      If you do wear them, its gunna take a few times of wearing them to get them stretched out enough to not slip while walking.

    • Thanks for the reply but it's the actual shoes not the socks

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  • Black soft leather ballet pumps worn for dance class?
    Totally up to you what you want to wear,
    but in my opinion they aren't very flattering as they're so flat they make you appear short and walk and strangely. They aren't comfortable for everything day wear as your feet have no protection or support. They won't hold up to more than a few wears outdoors either.

    • No it's the normal everyday plain black ones not the dance ones

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    • My opinion would be no, I wouldn't like them on a man as they are ladies shoes and would be too feminine. A man's plain black loafer would be the equivalent.

    • Ok thank you for your opinion :)

  • The shoes? No.

    • Yeah the shoes just plain black ones no bow or anything?

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