Do guys notice or care if a girl doesn't wear makeup?

A friend of mine once said that guys notice when a girl doesn't wear makeup, and I was skeptical. But, I think she was talking about girls who normally do wear makeup, then a guy would notice if she didn't wear any one day, which I can understand.

But what about a girl who never wears any to begin with? I don't wear makeup, and I never have (except for a week once when I was in a play). Do guys notice this? Do they care? My reasons for not wearing any are simply: I jut never got into it, it's expensive, and it makes me feel fake (I may as well have painted pink and green polka-dots on my face when I wore it for the play - I felt that conspicuous.)

I personally usually can't even tell if other girls are wearing any (though I assume most of them do).

So my question is: first, do guys notice that I don't wear makeup? Second, do they care? Third, does this make the girl more or less attractive?


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What Guys Said 1

  • I can't say I know if a girl doesn't wear make-up. I know my when my fiancĂ©e doesn't wear make-up. She's a beautiful woman with or without make up. I like that she wears the make-up. It tells me she cares about her appearance; she want to look her best. It's part of her character.

    I would say if you don't like wearing make up; don't wear it. If you don't look sloppy, it's fine. However some women don't wear makeup and walk around in sloppy clothes, It makes me think 1) she's very depressed or 2) she's just a sloppy person. I'm just not attracted to depressed or sloppy.


What Girls Said 1

  • I think that most guys who do pay attention to a girls face can verfiy whether or not the girl is wearing makeup. It all depends on the guy whether he cares or not, however if you care then that's all what matters. Wearing makeup should be your own personal choice whether your into it or not.

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