What percent of girls at your school wear those black yoga pants on an average day?

i asked a previous question about these pants yesterday , know i though i'd do a poll trying to figure out how common they are on young women in high school and college. looking fo some real imput here from people actually at school , i get the feleing there really common

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  • Seeing as how we had uniforms and only casual fridays I would say maybe 40% on those casual days.


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  • I don't go to HS or college as I've already graduated both. However, when I was in HS and college it really depend on the population. If it's in the city then it's more common, but overall about 40 to 50%.

  • I would say about one girl out of five or six (about 20 % I guess...). I find it quite sexy but some think it's not proper pants to wear at school. What do you think?

    • I got some real world data on this today , was out at lunch and ran into a group of high school girls , I guess the cafĂ© doesn't sell food they like so they go to nearby grocery store at lunch sometimes. without being a total perv I'd say at least 5 of them had on these pants and maybe a couple others had on blue jeans or some type of jean but definity majority of them had on tight black pants of some sort. personally I think the guys at high school today don't realise how luck they are to be around this sort of thing , trust me it wasn't this revealing when I was in school 10 years ago , just a whole lotta blue jeans mostly

    • Yeah I'd say that 20% wear those pants in high school nowadays. Most of the girls still wear tight jeans I think (and skirts or dresses once in a while).