Guys, do you ever shave against the grain? girls do you like when a guy shaves against the grain and makes his face a little bit smoother?


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  • I love it when a guy shaves against the grain! #justbeinghonest

    • that's good to hear. but do you like them to change it up and, grow a little beard, or goatee or anything or clean shaven and against the grain are your favourites?

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    • just come up with a whole lot of rug burn lol

    • LOL! Sacrifices must be made!

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  • I used to shave against the grain to get that smooth shave, but it resulted in a lot of ingrown hairs, which later led to pimples galore on my face!

    Nowadays I do not shave fully against the grain, but rather sideways. To explain, I shave with the grain at first, and then i take the blade and shave from my chin towards my sideburns. It is less painful, never got ingrown hairs from it and it results in the same smooth face.

    • Yeah that's what I do, it hurts less if you shave properly first