Does anyone else get black feet when wearing flip flops it's so embarrassing is there a solution?


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  • Wipe your feet and make sure they are clean before you put the sandals on. Wipe the sandals as well before you put them on. I've had this issue many times and it is quite annoying, i feel your pain. I hope this was helpful.

    • Thanks for your reply yes iv tried that but still happens I wonder if it's the colour coming out the flip flops there black in colour I might buy another pair and see what happens

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    • You're welcome!

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  • Then those flip-flops are bad quality ones... if they are black and u get black feet... it means their color fades away and sticks on yer feet...


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  • I do all the time! Apart from washing your feet, there isn't much you can do. Wash the sandals regularly as well to ensure they are not dirty.

    • I'm gonna try different flip flops see if that helps just in case the colour is coming out of these

  • Do you live in a city and wear the flip flops downtown or in busy areas? I've worn flip flops on the train and bus and also walking down busy city streets, and my feet have also turned black. It's dirt and soot and all that nasty stuff on sidewalks 😷

    A solution would be to wear a more traditional sandal, which covers more of the foot and is better for your feet anyways.

    • Yes it happens more if I go into town were there's a lot of traffic

    • Yep it's dirt from cars and garbage and all that. Hard to avoid when wearing flip flops honestly.

    • At least it's not just me then well black feet it is then haha

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