Is a low cut top too much for a first date?

I'm going to wear nice quality leggings and heels but I'm not sure what to do about the top.

1. Black spaghetti strapped top with a colored jacked (green or deep blue most likely)

2. Red sleeveless top with a neckline that reaches in between my boobs and its back is quite open (but I'd probably be wearing a jacket most of the time).

2 definitely stands out more, not just because of the neckline, but also the color... it's a nice red. But I don't want it to be too much.

If I wear 1, it's mostly black and the only color (blue) is a dark color. I think I'd feel more comfortable in this but is too dark?

the guy I'm going out with already knows I wear black often but is it weird or unattractive if a girl wears dark colors?


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  • Hey, I agree with the girl's response - go big or go home! :) I do understand the red top sounds a scarier option, especially if the back means you can't wear a bra (visible bra, HUGE no-no!) but honestly, it sounds absolutely awesome! :) It will blow the guy away, and I would bet that once you're there, and once you see the effect you've had on his little mind, you'll feel a million dollars in it too!! That top and the rest of your outfit together sound truly outstanding - the very fact that you own the top means you must be at least a little bit daring by nature, or you'd like to be, so DO IT - be brave, wear red, and own that guy's mind!! :)

    Wearing a relatively daring top absolutely does not imply anything else about what you're up for - absolutely nothing - it's great that you know your boundaries and I strongly encourage you to enforce them! But what you wear is not about that, it's about having fun, making a statement and feeling amazing. The black top is not going to do that - go red, or go home! :) Enjoy!


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  • Wow him with #2 , go bold or go home right?


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  • That's tough...#2 sounds more flattering but if you think you might be uncomfortable or self conscious about it at all then going with #1 so that it's not a distraction.

    Also depends on the overall circumstances. How well do you know the guy? Do you think there's a chance of anything physical happening at the end of the date?

    • we go to school together so I know him but I don't know him that well. And there's no chance of anything physical happening... I'm not comfortable with that on a first date.

    • Yeah that makes sense, so maybe wear #1 for the first date and if things go well and you guys end up staying together then you could wear #2 on a later date when you both are that much more comfortable together.

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  • black shirts or other clothing is not weird or unattractive.
    I would say wear #1. You want him to like what he sees, but showing off too much too soon might send the wrong message. You can wear the red top for him soon enough.

  • I wouldn't think anything of the dark colors. Go with what you are most comfortable in.


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