She kept looking down a lot?

I spoke to her and she was smiling and giggling at me. Her voice became so soft that I had to tell her to repeat herself, she kept looking down a lot, she's acting weird towards me. Is she retarded? Or is it normal for girls?


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  • She was probably just nervous. Many girls get shy around guys and from what you said she is probably one of those girls.

    • Do they just get shy around any guy? what about if they were guy friends? because I'm just an acquaintance to her.

    • It really depends on the girl. I tend to only act shy around guys that I am interested in, but I have friends who are shy around all guys. I feel like if you get to know her her better she will feel more comfortable and will be able to relax and act normally around you.

  • yeah I do that a lot. I'm pretty sure I'm not retarded.. lol! I tend to look around the room because I can't look them in the eye. I only do that to guys I like.. so maybe she likes you! :)


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