Girls, I dyed my hair using a box dye and it looks terrible, what can I do?

So I dyed my hair a reddish tone -- I have medium brown hair -- anyways, it didn't turn out how I wanted, and looks like hot mess right now. What can I do to fix it? Could I just dye over it with a dark brown shade?


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  • I would recommend going to a professional salon so they can fix it for you. Tell them the exact product you used and let them give you their advice. Don't try to fix it yourself, it may end up even worse.

    • Do you know how long the salon might ask me to wait before they can work on it?

    • It really depends on the salon you go to. The one I go to takes walk-ins so you don't need an appointment beforehand. You should probably just call and ask before you go.

  • If it came out brassy at all I would say use an ash brown to tone down the copper/brassy color that reds can leave

    • How long might you suggest before I re-dye it myself, or would just going to the salon be best? Its not TOO off from my natural hair colour. its just more redder than it usually is. my hair naturally has a red tint to it.

    • I would go to the salon. They have never made me wait from one failed job. Just do a deep conditioner once theu fix it. I think it's fine to go get it fixed.

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