Why don't girls notice average looking guys?

Girls always notice the *** ugly guys and really hot guys, but us average looking guys don't even exist...

Guys always notice average looking girls, which can be very attractive. So what the hell is wrong with you girls?


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  • As a girl...I agree. Most of my friends notice the really hot guys, and I have to admit, so do I. But that doesn't mean we don't think average-looking guys are attractive as well. In fact, I would have to say that I would rather go for the average-looking guy just because most of the time they are more "down to earth" (no offense to anybody).

    • So what is an average looking guy supposed to do? Girls don't come to them, and girls don't even look at them... So how is an average looking guy supposed to know which girl to approach?

    • If there is a certain girl you like, approach her. It doesn't matter if you've heard her say Brad Pitt is "so hot" and you think you're nothing compared to him, just approach her. Your personality will most definitley shine more than your looks.

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  • I thnk we DO notice average-looking guys, honestly, I have never dated a guy I thought was absolutely gorgeous, but they were all attractive to me. And, really, drop-dead gorgeous guys are usually like gorgeous girls, a little high maintenance, and I'm not into that. What gets you noticed when you're average is your personality more than anything else. I know you're going to roll your eyes, but it's true. If you're an average guy but one with an engaging personality girls wll notice. If you're an average looking guy who stands on the outside hoping to get noticed, sorry, it probably won't happen. But that's the same for girls, you have to engage and show what's unique about you, we all have something. If you never open up and say/do something,nobody will ever notice.

  • I don't see people as hot, average, and ugly.

    For me, if I like you, I think you're good looking. If I don't like you, you're not so good looking.

    So if you're my friend, or if I like your personality, or something like that, then you're attractive.

    And even for people I've never met or talked to, only seen around, they can still be attractive to me. If they're nice to people and respectful, then I'll like them.

  • actually we do. none of my boyfriends have ever been 9s, 10s. I do notice the 9s and 10 guys but its more of a glance and then I notice the guy that I really am interested in. not to say I've never liked a 9/10 hot guy but most of the guys I like are average or cute but not hot for some reason. a lot of girls do notice hot guys but that doesn't mean that's all we like. you say that guys always notice average looking girls but from a lot of girls point of view, the hot girls are more wanted by guys than the average girls. average guys just have to approach girls and show their personality. you can't just stand there and think you're gonna draw someone in by your looks like the really hot guys.


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  • It's not her; it's you. Go out and get yourself noticed. What are you waiting for?