Guys: is a perfect body really super important to you?

Obviously "perfect" is nonexistent but you know what I mean: totally toned, big boobs, that stuff. I'm just wondering because I'm really not fat but I'm not big-chested and I have a little bit of a curvy tummy and a bigger butt. Is that a turn-off? Or are perfect bodies not as important as they're cracked up to be?


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  • The only thing that I have to say is that I am just mesmerized by this one girl. A friend said that her legs are soft & something else about her.

    So the point is what one guy loves about you another may not. You will find the guy that thinks you have the perfect body, face & personality.

    Perfect bodies are NOT as important as you wrote cracked up to be.

    There is a girl at work who has a duck butt. She is pretty & nice that all the guys are falling over her. There's an example of a girl that doesn't have the perfect body & yet the guys like her including me.


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  • I prefer the woman that has these traits:

    Height: 5'0 - 5'10

    BMI: 17-20%

    Boobs: B or C cup

    Toned with the ability to move an object if necessary (Abs / Arms / Legs / etc)

    Generally "soft" appearance. Not a body builder or a toothpick

    Long, lucious, soft hair


    Perfect boobs are NOT ... and I emphasise this... They are NOT at a bust of 73'' with cup DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • The flaw in your BMI opinion. There are people like me who have a slightly higher BMI than 20, so I'm considered slightly over weight. But I have a large body frame so I carry weight different. I have a BMI of like 22 but wear a size 4 jeans.

    • Agreed, you have a good point; however, I won't take the equipment to measure your BMI on a first date, same with anyone else. It's merely a frame of reference for people that post these threads of "do I look appropriate" to better guess what I would prefer. Granted, there are a majority of people that do not fit that profile, that I have still dated. These aren't requirements by any means, it's just a preferance

  • Most guys don't really care if your a little big here or a little big there. Attraction is completely subjective.


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