How do I make my hair more "square" shaped instead of being so flat on top?

I'm a guy and I've been growing out my hair for a year or two now and have run into a bit of a problem. The top part of my hair (near the hair line/cut) it's pretty darn flat. I know why, but the method I use to do my hair is the only way it'll actually not get poofy as all hell. A while ago I started to comb my hair when taking a shower which would kill the curls for a day and then they would return really nicely the next, but the top of my head stays quite flat when I'd like it to be more of a squarish shape instead of just a upside down V if you get my drift. I've tried sort of pushing it up with my hands a bit to get it messy and it sort of works but no really. When it gets to like... nipple length, I'd like it to stay flatter but still a bit of a bump at the top, but not now. The first picture is to give you an idea of the length, the second is to show what I'd like it to sort of look like, and the third is to show you what I'd like it at... nipple length or something

. Any suggestions or ways to make that happen?
How do I make my hair more

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  • okay, so u basically want more volume.
    firstly, u gotta ask ur hair guy to cut the top layers of ur hair a little shorter than the bottom layers.

    then, you need to tease your hair. grab a comb and actually comb those top layers TOWARDS the roots, not away from them. if u need more help, look up 'how to tease your hair' on youtube. same thing for guys and girls.

    scruff it up, a little hairspray [if u want] and ur done.

    • Well, my hair is still in the stages of getting long, as in it's still annoyingly layered so it's still pretty poofy everywhere else and looks a bit like hay in some areas. I feel like with a comb it'll just make it look more like hay instead of shaping it (That's why I can only use a comb in the shower). I don't want to cut my hair shorter on the top because I do want it to get to that longer non-layered stage if that makes any sense. His hair isn't very curly as opposed to might that is, but at this point my just looks a bit wavier/curlier than in the picture I posted. The hairspray or just teasing my hair might work though so thanks!

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    • But then how did Jimmy do it in the pictures I posted. Those are early pictures so I'm guessing he didn't have a hair stylist back then

    • some people's hair is naturally more voluminous. that's usually the case with people who have wavy or curly hair. depends on the products they used in their hair too.

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  • Unless you're talking about your pubic hair, you posted in the wrong section.

    • Yea, I have no idea what the hell happened. I put Fashion and Style and it gave me Sexual Behavior which is no where near it on the list. I already posted the same question in Fashion and Style though haha

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    • Thanks for fighting for my well being guys haha. Yea, that actually is exactly what I thought, the knew question I posted right after, I changed the word nipple and it worked, but thanks because no one even answered my other duplicate.

    • Hey, the man needed his Zep do, respect bro

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