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OK so I got a new dress for my party and was telling my best friends (of 4 years and is a guy most people think we are going out) dad about it. And he said to me that sounds so nice you shout borrow kays (friends mums) amethyst and silver jewelry set. I was shocked and said I don't normally wear much jewelry I told mum and she told me that I should wear it because for someone to offer that it's an honor. But I don't know is it weird were just friends and I'll

be wearing his mom's jewelry.


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  • It's up to you, not that your mum is wrong but as you wrote you don't wear much jewelry & what if something happens to it? You would feel terrible if something happened to it.

    You already declined & gave a good legitimate reason, you don't need to bring it up again.

    • Well he said next time I'm over I have to bring my dress and he will see if it matches. his a very in your face kinda person. I think my problem is what other people as in my other friends will think when they ask about it and then I say its his mums. some people already think that mine and his relationship is more then friends and get annoyed at me for not going out with him when in the end its really up to me and I should just get over it.

    • In most cases I could care less what my friends think. This would be one of them.

      Simply tell him that you are too afraid that something may happen to it or that your afraid that you may lose a earring or bracelet. It was a nice gesture but you would spend the whole night worrying about the jewelry.

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  • I find it quite worrisome that he offered up his wife's jewelry. It's not his to offer to you and it may be quite upsetting to your friend's mother if you do wear it. Jewelry is different to borrow than clothes because it often has some sort of sentimental value. If you were to lose a piece of it, it could potentially ruin your friendship. I would avoid borrowing this jewelry at all cost.

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