How do you go about choosing your shade when you're trying to find a good drugstore foundation?

I always get too dark or too light!


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  • Check it on your hand, but be aware of differences in your skin tone. If your hand is slightly more or less tan than your face, compensate accordingly. Honestly it's mostly a lot of trial and error.


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  • Normally there are testers available for you to try out before you by them. I usually put a little on the back of my hand and see if it blends into my skin tone easily. It's easy for me to find the right shade because I'm the lightest shade available lol (porcelain/light ivory).

  • Put it on your chin and take a mirror to a window

    • I mean at the store. Not after it's been opened.

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    • My friend was called out for it. Apparently it's considered shoplifting.

    • Where are you from

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