Girls, Recommendations for new Swimsuits?

1) Any Recommendations for Swimsuits/Swimwear/Bikinis/Bathing Suits/etc? Looking for some cute new Swimsuits/Swimwear/Bikinis/Bathing Suits/etc.~! Would love to hear your recommendations and thoughts~!
2) Where people recommend buying from
3) What styles/cuts people prefer/like
4) Favorite Swimsuits
5) What kind of swimsuits do people have?
6) How many bikinis/swimsuits do normal people have in their swim wardrobe? 10,20,30, etc?

I want to expand my swimsuit wardrobe. I just want to have some new swimsuits/swimwear/bikinis/bathing suits, etc. to wear to the beach. Any advice helps.

Ty for taking time to read this post~!!! Enjoy your day~!!!


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