Do you think after you have kids your body goes back to being the same? Like you're not loose?

I feel like afraid because everyone tells me to wait to have kids but I want to have one while my skin is still elasticity because I don't want stretch marks and I want my area to not be loose you know (even though I plan on a c-section)


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  • link

    - an article about preventing and reducing the appearance of stretch marks



    - an article about tightening the vagina through several opt. methods

    = Nothing to worry about

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • If you have much in common with Heidi Klum or Jessica Alba, yeah, I think so.

  • Your worrying too much. It's pretty natural.


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  • Have you ever seen the scars you get from a c-section? They're not so pretty either.

    Being younger doesn't mean your body won't change. It depends on the individual. Most of the women in my family haven't had any stretch marks during pregnancies, but a lot of women do get them.

    If you're focusing on the way your body is going to change as a result of pregnancy and rushing into it because you think you'll stay hot that way, you probably shouldn't be having children now.


    It's natural to become something other than our body.

    Let it stretch, it's beautiful.

    • Eww its gross

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    • The exchange is worth it but I'm ready just because I know my body will still be hott afterward

    • Your body "remembers" and NO it will never be the same.

      Go look it up.

      I'm not saying this to make you all depressed.

  • hun I'm 18 and am almost 9 months pregnant put lotion on religiously and still have stretch marks.. as far as the being loose part I don't know yet... but sh*t from what iv heard from everyone they sew you up and yea it goes back to normal!

    but dude your whole body changes not just your pussy..

    if your scared of your body changing like that I strongly suggest not having kids yet.. I feel as if my body is ruined.. its quiet depressing honestly.. but I can't wait for my baby girl to be here

    • I want a csection

    • C- sections hurt really bad.. that's what I ended up having to have..

      i the shots wouldn't work on me they had to knock me out and put a tube down my throat, because of that I almost got surgical phnemonia.. I lost too much blood and almost had to have a blood transfusion,dude this sh*t is so painful they put you on morphine.. I had this done 3 weeks ago and it still hurts pretty f***in bad and I'm all outta painkillers

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