What do you think of long hair + fringe on guys?

Ex: Mark Boals, vocalist for Yngwie Malmsteen What do you think of long hair + fringe on guys?

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I DO NOT mean emo hair, in case any clarification was needed. That's usually medium length with asymmetrical fringe.


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  • Sorry... I dont like long hair on guys in general. The style above would've looked a little better without the bang though

    • No need to apologize, lol. It's just far less common than having hair at equal length all around, so I wanted to see what people thought.

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    • The hairstyle looks great on you :) and thanks for mho

    • Thank you, and you're very welcome,

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  • It's just stupid looking. Every time. Literally.

  • Is he trying to look like a girl?

    • "Looking like a girl" has nothing to do with hair length or style. For centuries, aristocrats had shoulder length or longer hair, and common serfs or slaves were forced to keep theirs close-cropped. Medium to long hair was still around until WWI, when the ubiquitousness of lice in the trenches resulted in mandatory buzz cuts for sanitary reasons. Until the 60s, this was the standard fashion, and even today short hair is more common.

      A man doesn't look more feminine because of his hair - it's about his build and features.

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    • @VomitIV These aren't just my preferences I'm just the most vocal one here.
      No they won't change if suddenly someone says men should have long hair.
      I'll call it out for being stupid.
      Comparing yourself to a king really? I thought we put the archaic notion of royalty to rest in this country.

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