Why wouldn't you look at a girl?

so there is this guy in college who seems to ignore me since the first time we met.he is hot but that wouldn't make me interested in him,it´s his attitude towards me which makes me feels so ugly that he can´t even look at me or what..we don´t talk if we don´t have to because of school,but normally in conversation you do look at the person who is talking but he wouldn't..we once had a conversation and I was really funny and he was laughing but wouldn't look at me at all..there we some times that he would look my direction but maybe he was trying to look at somebody else..idk..other guys in college who are also his friends talk and look at me normally,they have been even kinda checking me out..

so why wouldn't you look at a girl?because you find her ugly or any other reason?

He makes me feels so ugly though people sometimes compliment me that I'm pretty and sexy...i don´t have a pic so:I´m 5´6,naturally very slim(love eating but love doing sports as well so I´m not anorexic),dark long hair,multicolored eyes,dimples,beauty spot at my lower lip..though my nose is not perfect and I don t have angelina jolie´s lips..

p.s.sorry for so much detail

well it´s not like I want every guy checking me out,it´s just that I don´t understand why he kinda ignores me as a friend as well since we met(so he didn't even know my personality,still quite doesn't as we don´t talk)
and it´s not like i´m some kind of stupid bitch,quite opposite and he´s a smart guy as well..i´d just like him to treat me the same way he treats the other girls in college because he talks to them normally


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  • There could be few reasons for this. But I don't think he finds you ugly is one of them! If at all I tend to think he may find you extremely attractive and is falling for you and so becomes too shy or nervous around you.

    Check these points, could be one of these reasons.

    Does he talk frankly to other girls? Is he not shy around other girls?

    Is there something in the past that made him angry? Really angry? May be there is some confusion and he hates you for that? Could be that your best friend told him that you stole his lunch in school long long ago? :-D

    Does he have a girlfriend? May be she forbid him to be close with you. May be she is jealous!

    What should you do? I think ignore this and don't think much of this for now and concentrate more on your studies :-)

    Rest assured he doesn't think you are ugly. You should feel confident and be yourself when you are around him. If he doesn't pay attention, it is his problem. The world is such a big place and you will find better people!


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  • Oh c'mon, I very much doubt he thinks you're ugly!

    Also, I'm confused...are you interested in him or not? It sounds like you're saying you're not interested in him because he makes you feel ugly...but if you're not interested, why are you making such a big deal what he thinks of you? I think you are interested in him.

    It probably has more to do with the way you act, not how you look.

    Not saying that you're doing anything wrong, or it's your fault that he's not checking you out. If he were a shy guy like me, then he might instinctively have trouble looking directly at a pretty girl sometimes because he's self-conscious and afraid of being awkward, or afraid of losing concentration, or doesn't know how to look at you without giving himself away, etc.

    Even if he's not particularly shy, he might avoid looking at you because he doesn't want to give the wrong impression, since he might think you're pretty but not his type...or maybe he just doesn't really know you. If you come off in a certain way that's really flirty, that might also have something to do with it.

    Regardless, there are things you can probably do to make him feel more comfortable around you. Part of it may be changing your own attitude. You need to stop thinking that a guy who doesn't check you out thinks you're ugly. Build some self-esteem for yourself.

    Also, if you're under the mistaken impression that guys either can't resist a girl who they think is sexy, or they think she's ugly, you're quite wrong! Sadly, guys aren't really that much more simple than woman are. You said it yourself...just because someone is hot doesn't mean you're automatically interested in them.

    This is not to say that he isn't interested in you...he very well might be, because as I explained if he's at all shy or intimidated by pretty ladies, then it doesn't mean he's not interested. Sometimes it means he IS interested...so that's why you gotta look for other clues.

    But also, if he is interested, he's going to be interested in you for your personality. Or at least...that's what you should want. Guys who only care what a girl looks like and nothing else aren't worth your time.

  • Sounds to me like you can't stand not having every guys attention, and the fact that he ignores you make you want him more. He may have picked up on this and may be playing games to push your buttons if he is interested in you, or he may think you are interested in him, but he is not into you and is avoiding looking at you to prevent leading you on. Either way it sounds like you want his attention. =P


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