License for selling clothing?

I want to buy clothes from wholesalers and sell them from my house. nothing big, just want to make spare money. i want to tell pants, dresses, shirts, anything trendy. An online website would be really helpful too. what type of license would i go for and i turn 18 in march.


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  • Depends on what country/state-province/county/city you are in.

    • Connecticut, do you know a site that might help?

    • That is better than some, worse than others.

      Just call your city hall tomorrow and ask for business licensing. They will tell you what you need if you want to do it by the book. You could also set up an appointment at the Small Business Administration (google the closest office)

      If you are selling online, like through ebay, you could get away without having a business license for a while. You would need one when you get big enough to borrow money, have a business name, or rent a facility.

      Usually (I don't know about CT), there is a loophole that says you don't have to have a business license for hobby income, as long as you use your name and not a DBA (Doing Business As ___).

      The other consideration is that if you have a business license and obtain a resale certificate, you can by inventory without paying sales tax and you collect it from your in-state customers instead.

      I give business advice, but I am not a lawyer and do not give legal advice.

      Good luck!

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