Who would you choose, guys?

Would you choose, a cute blonde or a beautiful/cute brunette ?

The tall or the short girl?

The very thin or the girl with somehow big butt?

the one who has a good spirit or the one with good mind and mature?


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  • well I like blondes and brunettes actually, actually color doen't matter only if there hair is nice and not messed up like some girls

    i actually enjoy short petite girls, I think there way cuter, or maybe less intimidating than tall ones, either one

    and defiantly the very thin girl I can't stand extra weight sorry

    well that's a tough one, but if I had to choose it would be the good spirit one to make up for me having a lack of that

  • Brunette, doesn't matter, depends on how thin is thin and what the other girl is like, and good mind.


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