Why do girls avoid eye contact with me?

Is it because I'm ugly or for some other reason? And if we accidentally make eye contact with each other she will look away extremely quickly?

You can be honest, I don't care...


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  • L0l I dnt know if yur ugly..try sending me a pic ...but yea its either because yur ugly...or yur really hot and girls can't stop from staring at chu...girls usually do that they try not to look at a hot guy cause then they'll start to turn red L0l

    • So if I put up a picture, you would tell me if it's because I'm ugly?

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    • Thanks for the offer, but I don't like putting my picture up on websites. On the other hand, I put my picture on hotornot.com and got a 9.3 which seemed ridiculously high for a skinny white dude. Then I have posted my picture on other sites and girls have just said I'm average, or 6 or 7 out of 10.

    • Well idk...yuh know wat...ask a girl that yuh know...if she thinks yur cute or hot...or good looking L0l....thats all I have sorry

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  • For me, it's usually either extreme. If I'm really interested in a guy, sometimes I get too nervous to even make eye contact with him. On the other end, if I think a guy's into me, but I'm not into him, I avoid eye contact. Confusing, I know lol.

    Agreed with kitty, though...would need a pic to give you a definite.


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