Girls, how can I get a bra else from buying?

Hey girls, how can i get a bra for myself insted of buying them. As i am very fond of them and really like them. can u give me your opinions about it.


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  • Hey so if you're a male who likes the idea of trying womens clothes... just know thats completely ok. If you're reason for not buying one is because you're nervous just know most people will assume its for a partner anyway. You can pick up nice ones pretty cheaply in couple high street shops

    • well.. how to choose a perfect one for me.. as i am not hving boobies... u know what i am saying and the fitting u girls have on ur bust n all.. how to achieve it

    • It all depends on where you're from with regards to sizing. There are also some websites that design bras specifically for boobless men :D

    • hhahha... that i came to know for the first time tat websites also design bra's for men,,..

  • Umm, I don't know. Ask your female friends to give you one?

    • but tell ma a way that they doesn't come to know about it..