Pros and cons to shaving hair?

i know that it costs money


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  • Cons:
    1. In the winter you'll have a cold head/face
    2. Hair grows quick = maintenance
    3. Long hairstyles/ beards are cool
    1. It looks good (esp if you got that shave that suits you well)
    2. Looking good = feeling good

    • Beards aren't cool anyway! And so is the hair in body, so maybe better get laser even on face :D

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    • @multilevel Stuble can be rough / annoying. You make a good point but don't underestimate the power of the beard and the hairy man - some women like that and see it as 'macho'

    • Lol the power of beard and hairy body! Ha-ha nawwww , ask yourself , what comes out? Ewww!

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  • Are you talking your head?
    You can do it yourself
    It's faster to shower/get ready
    It's easier to control you body temperature (cooler in the summer)
    Wearing a skully won't mess up your hair in the winter time
    When you first cut it, girl love to touch it;-)