Is innocence unattractive?

i am a pretty nice, sweet, girl. I have been told I look really innocent, and I'm wondering if this is unattractive to guys. like I'm too little girlish or something. I would like as much feedback to get a more whole view on this whole innocence problem.


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  • I'm going to say this and I hope you get it.

    You can never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER be too girlish. EVER.

    Femininity is what attracts men. Stop doing that and you'll never date again.

    If anything your not being girlish enough.

    From the word innocence I'm going to gather that they probably mean that you are coming off too shy.

    Shyness has been said to be a feminine trait, and I don't think that it is. Submissive behavior is, and not shyness. There is a difference.

    What you need to do is simply make it known and more obvious when you like a guy.

    Remember most guys don't pick up on your subtle little signals that seem obvious to you.

    • Thank you! this was very very helpful and insightful.

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  • It is really all about personal preference. Personally I would like a girl that is sort of the innocent type, but I am sure there are guys who don't care for it. So it is not at all a problem!

  • Innocence is sexy.


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  • You can be innocent just don't be a doormat! I'm not sure if that's a problem with you though

    • Yeah I get your point. no, I'm not like that.