I would like to know why Kate Upton is being cast in so many magazines as a curvy model. Why?

It discusses me that women can come into a mainstream (modeling) because of their affiliation with certain family members (Kate Upton because of her uncle being high profile in politics) and viola! she's a supermodel? She can't model... she is stiff when she walks the "catwalk" and she has scrawny legs... why? Just because the men go APE over her breasts doesn't mean that she should be a model; and, definitely not a supermodel. It's not fair to the women that work hard on their bodies... this includes slim models and curvier models. Kate just doesn't have a very proportioned figure and weight has nothing to do with it...

  • I feel that Kate Upton should be a Supermodel because she has a proportionate figure.
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  • Although she is an nice looking young lady; she shouldn't be considered a Supermodel
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  • I think that Kate Upton should model clothing from her head to her breasts only.
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  • "She can't model"

    Maybe I just dont "get it" but too me they all hold the same poses, make the same facial expressions and walk the same walk. The only differences I notice are related to how they look. I dont get how you measure the talent of a model other than how succesful her career is.

    I agree Kates appearance is overrated but she gets the cover because she sells whatever it is they are trying to get her to sell. If her look wasn't selling, then they wouldn't use her.

    Also as far as models working hard to maintain their physique, some do some dont.


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  • Why do you think models have to look one way. Kate Upton has a pretty face and the rest of her body besides her boobs looks pretty good too in my opinion. I don't see why you're so pissed off. Just focus on your own life ;) getting mad about why other people are famous is not very productive.

  • Hehheh, it "disscusses" me that any modeling position is taken seriously at all.

  • i sense a bit of jealousy


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