Boyfriend found underwear in my pocket. Thinks it had to be that I'm cheating. I'm not and he won't believe me.

Crazy. stupid thing I did. I have done it before but he says only those cheating do stuff like that . . .I'm distraught and don't know what to do?


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  • I'm assuming this was your underwear in your pocket? If you're not cheating, tell him the underwear were uncomfortable. Tell him when your underwear get uncomfortable you take them off. You don't want to walk around all day being uncomfortable. Tell him it probably won't be the last time you come home with your underwear in your pocket. Assure him you love him.

    • Yes they are my underwear. The jeans were hanging in the bathroom. I do this sometimes so I won't lose them (gstrings get lost). But he doesn't believe people do this in their own house. He has seen me do this but can't remember it. It looks bad but I have done nothing wrong. It is out of control.

    • Ok, that sounds reasonable. He should believe you. Try to reassure him that you love him. I think he'll be able to reason this out.

  • What other reason could you have for having someone else's underwear in your pocket?


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