Anyone feel naked unless they have a base layer of clothes on?

I've been wearing these under my pants for months, and I got so used to them I honestly feel naked without them. Like I *have* to wear them or it feels really weird lol... Amy I a weirdo?
Anyone feel naked unless they have a base layer of clothes on?

I mean wearing leggings under my pants, not just socks lol


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  • It's called habitual conditioning, it's actually a method people use to overcome addictions. If you do something for long enough, your brain begins to think you need to do it.

    Smokers and nail biters can force themselves to eat a lemon/lime before each and every smoke/bite, this begins to make the brain make the person 'taste' the sourness when they anticipate the usually pleasurable activity and slowly puts them off it. If their addiction is strong enough, however, they actually end up gaining pleasure from the taste/smell of lemon or lime rather than the opposite happening.

    • haha I think i conditioned myself! thanks for the explanation! but does that mean I should just keep doing it? lol...

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    • ohhh i meant the leggings! oops I mean if I don't wear leggings under my pants then I feel just naked.. sorry!!

    • same theory really

  • I think I would find that very warm - I just wear the usual underpants and jeans or sweatpants all the time.


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  • No, I've never felt that way.