So, what would be a good dress to buy for my cousins upcoming wedding?

So, yeah. Got exactly a month before the big day. I'm not a bridesmaid or anything (although, I would have loved to have been one).

I've never been to a wedding before and I want to look pretty, elegant and sophisticated.

any of you lovely gagers have any suggestions as to where I can find a pretty dress fit for a wedding?


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  • I would say a cocktail dress is probably best bet for a wedding - It also has the added bonus of being able to use it again for things like important dinners or big dates etc - You don't want to spend a fortune and only wear it once.
    Depending on your personality and tastes, there should be plenty of colours and styles for you to pick from. Plus probably a good selection in most shops or online sites.


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  • Spring Like, Not too bright, and Not White like the Bride. Nothing in Glitter, looks like Litter.
    Go Online and even Order Something Special and Tasteful for the wedding or a Reputable Dress sop that you like that has just the Right thing for this Fancy occasion.
    I think that you will look amazing, @EmiliaRose2355 in Matching heel as Another Great Deal as Well, I can Tell.
    Good luck and Have fun. xx

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