Tips on dealing with the monobrow?

so even as a guy, i think it´s unacceptable to leave the monobrow like it is.

for those who don´t know: it´s when your eyebrows grow together in the middle and there´s no visible devide or only slightly less growth in the middle.

so obviously i get rid of my monobrow but how exactly would you go? where should a male brow start and what shape should it have?


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  • just pluck it yourself with a tweezer.
    the shape is up to u but u should follow ur brow bone so that the brows frame ur face nicely.

    • but how should i determine the space in between?

  • Waxing first would probably be best then you could just tweeze for maintenance.

    • well i personally go full tweeze because it´s not too much and i don´t want to buy waxing stuff all the time.

      i was more going for shape and distance in between the brows.

What Guys Said 1

  • Just cut the middle peace that binds them together away. u can shave it or wax it or whatever dunno, don't have that problem.

    • the removal method is not the problem xD but you see when there is no visible end of one brow, you don´t know where you stop plucking them. like at what reference point would you say a natural brow should start? some say in line with your nostrils, some say in line with your eyes.

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    • yeah xD fucking sucks. if you pluck too much, you look fruity. no straight guy wants to look fruity :D

    • True that... You could always tell a girl to pluck them for you, they tend to be good at stuff like that.