What should I change?

Guys don't like me. I don't know why but there seems to be something wrong with me... A lot of guys told me I don't look like a girl or that I'm ugly... and a lot of them told me I don't act like a girl... first I thought that they are idiots but the number of people who are telling me that have been increasing... So please, tell me, what should I change, and do you have some tips on turning me into "a real girl"?

this would be me,:


and yeah I look like sh*t on this picture but I couldn't find a better one <.<


and tell me if there is anything I could change in the way I look, or some suggestions about how I could dress, or do my hair or anything...


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  • Well, you certainly don't look manly or anything. You just need to change some details.

    1) use contacts

    2) don't leave your hair on your face like that. You could have a ponytail or half a ponytail.

    3) use some chap stick or lipgloss.

    4) smile more.

    5) buy more close fitted clothes. ( I'm not talking about super tight clothes. Just some clothes that show your body shape)


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  • Really sometimes looks do not matter if your looking for a boyfriend. If I were you I would try a different hairstyle and try contacts. I think you are pretty. You Just need confidence.

    • I'm getting rid of those glasses in summer, just waiting for my operation :)

  • Lots of girls act like tomboys, it's perfectly normal. You remind me of Avril Lavigne before she became a princess.

    You could definitely do something with your hair in some way that would give it style, rather than straight and long. Maybe add some waves and curls, or cut it shoulder length and then put it in a ponytail and grow bangs. Here's some suggestions:

    link link link link link

    If you just aren't feminine, that's perfectly fine and you shouldn't try to act more feminine out of your comfort range. My sister for example would be seen in a dress or a skirt.


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  • I think plucking your eyebrows and shaping them a little would make you look good, and more feminine. :) For your hair, you could try to add some texture or volume and maybe try a side part, and don't let it fall in your face like that. Also, maybe try thicker-rimmed glasses, or contacts? Also, smile! Hehe, a bit cheesy but you look grumpy in your pictures. :P

    I don't know what those guys are talking about, you're certainly not ugly. :)

  • maybe try scrunching your hair with volumizing mousse... and try some lip gloss. Good luck=]