Did I handle this situation right with girl at library?

well I was in the college library today and sat beside a really attractive girl at the computer who was working on something , well I was working on an assignment as well . now I'm 25 so she would of been about 20 I think . like usually when I sit beside a girl its no big deal as I look younger anyways and the place is busy so any available computer goes fast .

but this situation was different and she seems to be really nervous or was uncomfortable with me siting beside her and didn't really say anything and I didn't feel there was any vibe between us or that she was even interested in making small chat . I don't know it was weird and I don't know if I handled it right or if I even should of sat beside her in the first place


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  • i don't think there was any reason to not sit by here. you weren't being out of place (as in too in her face about anything). if she was truly interested in you, she would have probably said hi. its possible she was just dealing with something personal that has nothing to do with you.

    but I friendly hi never harms anything.

    • Yeah I don't know she was really " cold " usually a girl isn't that cold when I sit beside them . and I didn't feel it , when I sit beside a hot girl usually I feel this rush type feeling , its odd she was really hot but I didn't feel it with her so I decided not to proceed with her as she seemed to not like me anyways

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