What shall I wear on my special evening with a special someone?

My friend (whom I have feelings for) and I are having dinner at a hotel restaurant (nice, outdoor tables) in 3 days for my 21st birthday ;) Because I'm so excited, I've already checked out the menu and decided my food and drinks :P Now I need to pick the perfect outfit.

Girls, any ideas?
Guys, what do you like to see a girl in on a special evening/color preferences? :)

What would catch his eye? ;)

Thanks for all your suggestions. I had a great night last night :)


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  • I would go for something dressy, something unexpected.

    A pretty skirt and top combo would be nice, pair that with some pretty flats or heels.

    If you want to you could even wear a nice dress. I'm not sure about where you live and what the weather will be like, but if it's warm enough for the patio, then maybe a nice maxi dress would be perfect :) You could dress it up with a pretty necklace and bring a wrap to keep warm just in case it's a little chilly in the evening.

    I think for colour, picking a bold colour would definitely draw his attention. in my opinion so many people wear black to special events, it's nice to wear a bold colour to change it up. I love black, don't get me wrong. An ex boyfriend of mine called me "Johnny Cash" because that's how much black is in my wardrobe. But a pretty pop of colour will be both unexpected and will definitely grab his attention.

    I'm not sure what colours look best on you. Red is a really great colour for romance, but you could also go with a pretty coral colour, blue or even purple. The best thing is to go with a colour you know looks good on you.

  • A pencil skirt and a nice blouse. Heels definitely! Dangly, sparkly earrings if they look good on you.

  • lol cool! hmm! I dunno! Wear whatever you want girl!

  • A cute dress and heels! Accessorize with a necklace, clutch and bangles.