How to store PU leather jackets (will give best answer quickly!) ?

So does anyone know the best way to store PU leather jackets? Hang them on a thick hanger? Can you fold them and put them in trunks, or will that make them crack?


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  • I wouldn't fold the jacket, that might cause creases in the leather. The best thing to do is store it in a closet which is dry and one where it will be safe. Store it on a thick hanger. One like this would be best:

    The thick hanger won't cause stress on the jacket and will keep it looking nice. You could even put it inside a suit bag to protect it while it's put away for the summer.


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  • -thick hanger
    -remove anything from the pockets of the jacket to prevent the jacket from stretching
    -use leather conditioner (occasionally)
    -keep in dry cupboard away from direct sunlight

  • I simply hang them on a thick hanger. I don't do anything else.


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