Help finding Thigh High/Over Knees (Floral)?

Hello Fashion Gaggers and people of the internet. I haven't used this part of GAG much. But I figured this fashion conscience place of the net would be a great place to ask for help.

So I wanted to get someone I'm seeing a pair of thigh highs. We both really like them, so it's perfect. She'd love a pair like these:

am hoping to find a pair that are Thigh Highs instead of Tights. The color of the embroidery/stitch/w. e doesn't have to be green. Or even that exact design.

I gave google a shot, but to no avail. I didn't even find a link back to those tights.

As an aside, if you have thigh highs you like, or recommendations, just in general, do share. I'm trying to get her some as a gift, but it's proving to be more difficult shopping for them than I thought.


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  • Google search floral stockings or hold ups and see what comes up. There isn't that much choice but there is enough to find something you like.

    • Well these are stockings, but they're tights. I'm hoping to find something like this as thigh highs. I mean, maybe I can find someone to turn tights into thigh highs?

    • Search floral thigh highs then. If you go through the Lolita genre of clothing you might find something similar there too

  • Have you tried looking on ebay and amazon?


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