Which tattoo location is most common where your from?

there seems to be a lot of people getting tattoo's , i'm curious as to which location on the body is most popular?
i've tried to list as many locations i could think of but might of missed some

  • back /shoulders
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  • arms /wrists
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  • foot / ankles
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  • bikini line / belly
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  • ribs / sides
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  • other area
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Guys and girls get tattoos in different areas, so it depends. I put arms, just because thats pretty general. But from where im from its REALLY popular for girls to get ribcage tattoos

    • I definity have seen a lot of those and as you say mostly on girls

Most Helpful Guy

  • Wrists and forearms. Everyone seems to like sleeves.

    A few of us got drunk and tattooed each other one time - I now have 'TWERK IT, MILEY' on my wrist. :D


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  • the wrists, shoulders and back. seen quite a few on the legs too.

  • back /shoulders


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