How to use tanning lotion?

So I'm like a scandanavian pale person.(vampire skin blue eyes blond hair) and I have an event coming up and my friend said that I should get a tan for it. I have a farmers tan and she said that would take too long to get rid of so she told me to just try using tanning lotion. I got jergens medium to dark skin cause I don't want to look orange. I've never used body lotion before so like how much do you use? I'm 6'3 so I imagine I'll go through bottles faster than most people cause I got more body to cover since I'm doing arms legs and torso.


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  • tanning lotion is not a good option... Not only will it be a spotty tan but It will look fake and it will ruin any clothes you wear. Literally, the color will rub off a little on everything you wear, and your pillows/sheets. Remember not to hug anyone wearing white... I've done it, and wish I hadn't. I would recommend going to a tanning bed. You can go for 7 days in a row, 7 minutes each day and you'll get a nice light tan.

  • I would suggest just going to a tanning salon and getting a spray tan 😉 Don't worry you will not look orange, just tell the girl you want a little bit of color but not too dark. by the way you sound so sexy with blue eyes, vampire skin, and blonde hair 😍

    • I ended up doing that. My friend was willing to pay for it fortunately. I tried the lotion and it's just too much of a hassel so after the spray tan fades I'll just be sticking to being pale. Haha and thank you that's very flattering.

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