Girls: How big is physical attraction? (read opinion first!)

A lot of guys say that girls think that physical attraction doesn't mean much. I agree, but that's mainly when two people have been going out for a while. However I am talking about physical attraction to start off a relationship.

Let's be honest, most people "friend zone" others because they're not attracted to them on a romantic level. If a girl isn't physically attractive, how can you view them as more then a friend?

If you went on a blindfolded date with a girl that made you the happiest person in the world, but you saw she was 500 pounds, usually the guy will see her as only a friend because he's not attracted to her. And this all goes vice versa too.


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  • i'm dealing with this right now actually.

    A guy I recently met and really enjoyed talking to ask me on a date, and I accepted because he really does have a great personality. But I'm not really sure I'm attracted to him so I'm getting worried about how its gonna work out since I can like his personality all I want but if I'm not attracted to him I'm not gonna want to be physically intimate. However, sometimes the more you get to know a person the more attractive they become to you. But I would say on a scale of 1 to 10. attraction is probably a 6.5

    • Yeah exactly. I saw another story where a girl thought a guy was sweet and would treat her well, but she couldn't imagine kissing the guy.


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  • i have this thing that I and the guy hv to be attracted to each other physically. I'm not saying I should date a hot guy. I mean that I should physically like something or more about the guy, at least SOMETHING! no it doesn't mean that I want to look like a hot celeb in order to make a guy like me.

    i think it's fair to be physically attracted to the person. be it something I like, like his nose or lips. doesn't hv to be his whole body.

    and no this has got nth 2 do with love, if sum1 were to talk to me about love. love is one thing (love the guy or be in love), but smting else needs to make the relationship exciting/fun. doesn't hurt to have an extra nice thing to look at/have.

    • Physical attraction play more of a role before you get to know somebody. The guy I'm in love with isn't particularly attractive, but I like the way he makes me laugh so I'm in love with him anyway. Guy don't have to be hot for girls to like them, and I don't think girls should either.

  • i never did buy into that "i only look at personality" bullshnit... looks are the VERY first thing you notice about a person (in most cases). So physical attraction is a big thing too me...cuz if I'm not physically attracted to a guy, I'm really not gonna wanna be intimate with him. probably sound shallow or w/e but meh

    • I don't think its shallow at all. humans are sexual creatures after all.

  • Physical appearance is very important. For me I think, that's the very first thing you notice and then you find out whether they have a great personality to go along with their physical appearance.


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